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Top Quality Contract Table Bases
Contract table bases, pedestal restaurant commercial table bases, Crucifix table bases, Chrome table bases, table tops and accessories to outfit any restaurant, hotel, lounge or commercial dining establishment. We have a huge selection of table bases together with table tops in wood, metal, plastic, laminate, resin and formica tables to custom fit any existing or future floor plans. Custom match any table or table top with appropriate seating options in our chair or booth categories.

For Dining - Coffee Tables - Poseur Height
Please Note:  As trade suppliers we cannot supply small quantities

Black Square Flat Bases (T)Black Square Flat Bases (T)
Black Candelabra Bases (T)Black Candelabra Bases (T)
Black Crucifix Bases (T/GF)Black Crucifix Bases (T/GF)
Black & Chrome Crucifix Bases (T/GF)Black & Chrome Crucifix Bases (T/GF)
White Crucifix Bases (T)White Crucifix Bases (T)
Grey Crucifix Bases (T)Grey Crucifix Bases (T)
Mirror Chrome - Flat Bases (T)Mirror Chrome - Flat Bases (T)
Stainless Steel Bases (GF)Stainless Steel Bases (GF)
Black Cast Iron Pyramid Bases (T/GF)Black Cast Iron Pyramid Bases (T/GF)
White Square Flat Bases (T)White Square Flat Bases (T)
Grey Square Flat Bases (T)Grey Square Flat Bases (T)
Black Stepped Bases (GF)Black Stepped Bases (GF)
Brushed Steel Square Flat Bases (T)Brushed Steel Square Flat Bases (T)
Black Cast Rounded Corner Bases(GF)Black Cast Rounded Corner Bases(GF)
Black Round Flat Bases (T)Black Round Flat Bases (T)
Black & Chrome Round Bases (GF)Black & Chrome Round Bases (GF)
Black Round Bases (GF)Black Round Bases (GF)
Brushed Steel Round Flat Bases (T)Brushed Steel Round Flat Bases (T)
White Round Flat Bases (T)White Round Flat Bases (T)
Grey Round Flat Bases (T)Grey Round Flat Bases (T)
Chrome Round Trumpet Bases (T)Chrome Round Trumpet Bases (T)
Black Stainless Mediterranean BasesBlack Stainless Mediterranean Bases
Aluminium BasesAluminium Bases
Chrome Crucifix Bases (GL)Chrome Crucifix Bases (GL)
Twin Pedestal BasesTwin Pedestal Bases
HCF Fix to Floor Bases (GL)HCF Fix to Floor Bases (GL)
Flip Top BasesFlip Top Bases
Extra-Large Table Bases (T)Extra-Large Table Bases (T)
Traditional Pub Style Table Bases - WoodenTraditional Pub Style Table Bases - Wooden
Traditional Pub Style & Ornate Table Bases - Cast IronTraditional Pub Style & Ornate Table Bases - Cast Iron
4 Legged Bases (G)4 Legged Bases (G)
Boxed Steel Table Bases (Z) BlackBoxed Steel Table Bases (Z) Black
Boxed Steel Table Bases (Z) GreyBoxed Steel Table Bases (Z) Grey
Vintage/Industrial Bases - IN STOCKVintage/Industrial Bases - IN STOCK