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Unique New Design by HCF - Storage Drawer 

Our Booths and Banquette seating can have the unique advantage of having full Divan Drawer storage. Easily accessible storage with our superb ergonomically designed 'BaseDrawer'.. Full width heavy duty drawer system that makes full use of the huge storage space that has been created.

Price Guide to add Storage Drawer
to any Booth/Banquette seat

Booth or Banquette Size. -  Price.
450mm                                   £50.00
600mm                                   £50.00
750mm                                   £60.00
900mm                                   £60.00
1050mm                                 £65.00
1200mm                                 £65.00
1350mm                                 £70.00
1500mm                                 £75.00
1650mm                                 £80.00
1800mm                                 £90.00