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Tables & Bases

Retro Ribbed Table Top Edging - 30mm

Retro Ribbed Table Top Edging - 30mm

30mm wide - Stainless Steel effect
Retro 50s Diner Ribbed Edging for Table Tops,
Bar Tops, and Counters - T-bar

Supplied in 25 metre Rolls ONLY

We at HCF have worked with toolmakers and designers to develop this superb ribbed edging. We wanted to create an edging that was more flexible than raw or formed metals and to be more durable and hardwearing. Our edging is made from a natural polymer which is  transparent and rigid with excellent dimensional stability and with a high impact strength, is tougher than acetate and has lower moisture absorption. It resists weathering, has excellent transparency and is resistant to most household chemicals. Additionally, our edging is resistant to the harmful effects of ultra-violet radiation. This encases the inner stainless steel foil.

The results are a supreme edging, that unlike raw or formed metals does not mark or scratch easily, is totally flexible for following shapes and without the need to notch the barb to fit to radius bends. Good for both indoor and outdoor use, superb T-barb grip and very easy to fit.

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