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The Woodford Range

Are you thinking about new seating?
but worried about how long it may last,
our new Woodford range may be the answer

Robust Booths and Banquettes that are made to last!
Every part is interchangeable - meaning that spares are available for easy repairs.
  • Comfort.. The latest generation of booth seating created with a contoured and shaped backrest for comfort.
  • Personalise.. We can engrave your logo or emblem on the backrest to personalise your own exclusive booths.
  • Storage.. Use the huge under seat area for storage. 

Fantastic Value.. Banquette runs, Only £400 per metre (£120 ft)
Woodford Booth Sets - Standard HeightWoodford Booth Sets - Standard Height
Wooden vintage style booths with your own company logo
Woodford  High Back Booth SetsWoodford High Back Booth Sets
Wood booths available with your company logo
Woodford  Stitched Fluted Booth Sets - Standard HeightWoodford Stitched Fluted Booth Sets - Standard Height
Woodford Stitched Fluted Booth Sets - High Backs